The Elemental Analyzer (EA) is a straight-forward, portable and readily available LIBS backpack that allows a client to quickly and easily identify and map large areas of potential contamination. The ISO EA is fully capable of identifying and mapping large areas of potential contamination in a very short amount of time. With an on-board, proprietary library that is built for the entire Periodic Table of Elements, in a matter of 30 minutes, one unit can take over 400 samples to identify the concentration of contaminants.

Each EA Unit comes with an integrated GPS system, and camera. ISO uses the Arrow 100 model GPS, which is capable of sub-foot accuracy during a scanning evolution, while using signals from up to 24 satellites. The integrated camera is capable of video and stills, for photo documentation of tests and specific test regions.

The EA monitors time and internal temperature, and automatically institutes calibration as needed. Automating the calibration procedure this way, can reduce the likelihood of operator error.

The EA LIBS Unit is a robust and accurate tool for the survey, mapping and concentration analysis of a considerable number of contaminants. It is a necessary tool in the constantly evolving world of remediation.

EA Map With Elements on Display With Percentage