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The benefits of nearly two decades of soil sorting experience and lessons learned have been built into our machine. The S3 is designed to sort a wide variety of materials and soil types and their problem characteristics, including high moisture content, high plasticity, poor gradation, shear stresses and physical interference from organic matter and tramp debris, and many other phenomena associated with soil sorting.

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The ISO EA is a straight-forward, portable and readily available LIBS backpack we created to quickly and easily identify and map large areas of potential contamination for clients. The ISO EA is fully capable of identifying and mapping large areas of potential contamination in a very short amount of time. With an on-board, proprietary library that is built for the entire Periodic Table of Elements, in a matter of 30 minutes, one unit can take over 400 samples to identify the concentration of contaminants.

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The Mobile Acquisition Platform – Remediation (MAPR) is Iso-Pacific’s remediation surveying platform. It is purpose driven, designed to fit the specific requirements necessary to appropriately assay an area of concern. The MAPR can be used in several different capacities to meet the terrain. Attached to: cranes and carts for slopes and pits; backpacks for flat or forested areas; and rovers for large areas, MAPR can be used everywhere.



  • Maximum mechanical reliability

  • Unparalleled quality control features

  • Unmatched field detection sensitivity

  • Rapid calibration time

  • Customer-friendly data reporting

  • Mobilization costs half of current industry

  • Ability to sort a variety of soils and materials

  • Fixed geometry scan

  • Expedient deployment time

  • Up to 200 cubic yards per hour


Our vision is to provide technologically advanced remediation platforms and exceptional customer service, to assist in providing the safest and most complete information for remedial clean-up.

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    Above criteria particles/objects are always removed. We never average above-criteria material with clean materials to get a better efficiency number, also known as dilution.

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    Software algorithms are used to determine if the soil exceeds defined release criteria, and those portions that exceed the criteria are identified and flagged for mechanical separation from the clean soil.

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    3+ DECADES

    Decades of industry experience have been integrated into a nimble and fast-growing company of subject matter experts, with no end in sight.

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    Our history and culture of safety is the best in the industry. Safety is the number one focus in both our design and daily operations. On our projects, everyone is a safety officer.


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