ISO-Pacific is a technology based remediation firm and a certified, Woman–Owned Small Business. ISO, as we sometimes refer to ourselves, is a company focused on three things: Safety, Performance, and Integrity. We aim to be THE subcontractor of choice, both for our innovation and for our exceptional service.

We entered this industry with our Soil Sorting System (S3): a revolutionary improvement in the technology used to provide volume reduction. Since then, the S3 has been in constant evolution as we always strive to be the leader in everything we do. It is that same drive that has pushed us to innovate and develop cutting-edge platforms and detection arrays for the identification, mapping, and removal of everything from VOC’s and RAD to mercury and beryllium.

ISO Pacific building

Lori Dillon

President of ISO-Pacific

Lori J. Dillon is one of ISO-Pacific’s original founders. Lori possesses a unique educational background and work history that lends itself to an innovative approach to remediation. With degrees in Psychology and Business Management, and a work history in market analytics and financial advising, she provides the day to day management and steers the growth and vision of the enterprise.

Lori Dillon, President of ISO-Pacific Smiling

Ann Burke

Vice-President of Business Development

Ann has worked in the environmental remediation field for more than 25 years. In a previous role, Ann worked with ISO-Pacific as team subcontractor—which is where she became acquainted with ISO-Pacific’s unique skills and excellence in project execution. She has worked in the areas of Business Development; Capture Management; Proposal Management and Public, Media and Government Relations for both Large and Small Businesses. Working in both the Federal and Commercial marketplace, Ann has worked on projects related to the Anthrax Response; Katrina Hurricane Response; Emergency Response; various environmental remediation project and radiological remediation at various Department of Defense and Department of Energy sites throughout the United States.

Ann Burke

Brian M. Young, Ph.D.

Director of Health Physics and Technology

Dr. Brian M. Young has over 30 years of experience designing, integrating, calibrating, and operating nuclear measurement instruments and nuclear assay systems. Brian is an industry-recognized senior expert in gamma-ray spectroscopy, neutron counting, nuclear waste assay, nuclear threat detection, and nuclear safeguards applications. Brian has designed, calibrated, and operated systems for soil sorting as well as for assay of crated and drummed waste at many sites including Los Alamos National Laboratory, Savannah River Site, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Erwin TN, Paducah KY, West Valley NY, Hunters Point CA, Tokai-mura Japan, Garigliano Italy, and Caorso Italy.

Brian Young, PhD

Scott Dillon

Vice President of Operations

Scott Dillon is responsible for all crew training and continues ISO’s spotless safety record while promoting a culture of responsibility. Scott comes to ISO from Schnitzer Steel where he served as Facility Manager for the Pasco yard. Scott implemented safety-oriented practices during his time at Schnitzer and is responsible for their 10+ year impeccable safety record.

Scott Dillon Vice President of Operations, Smiling

David Law

Operations Specialist/Business Development

David Law started as a shop assistant at ISO-Pacific in 2010. As an original member of the team, he worked directly with co-founder Mike Dillon in building and running the original S3. He has deployed to the majority of ISO’s projects, first as Plant Operator, then as the Operations Specialist sent to train new operators on the S3. On a regular basis, David works with Dr. Brian Young and Scott Dillon to ensure each project is successful. Based on David’s experience and knowledge, ISO is able to regularly develop upgrades to new and existing S3 functionality.

In addition to Operations, David’s interests lie in Business Development. He assisted in executing ISO’s marketing strategy when first entering the industry. In 2017, David Law received a B.A. in Business Administration from Washington State University. David has regularly attended industry conferences, representing ISO and fostering business relationships. Due to his extensive, firsthand knowledge of the S3 and other ISO platforms, David provides invaluable insight to prospective and existing clients when planning and executing projects.

David Law
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Mike Dillon

May 21, 1954 – January 4, 2021

Mike Dillon co-founded ISO-Pacific after working in the radioactive soil-sorting and segregation field for over 20 years. Mike spent over two years assigned to the Johnston Atoll Segmented Gate System, the original plutonium cleanup technology developed for the U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency. As a Project Manager and Design Engineer for Eberline Services, Mike acquired invaluable experience helping to develop the Segmented Gate System. Mike has hands-on soil-sorting experience while working at many government sites across the United States, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Labs, Savannah River, New Brunswick, Maywood, Middlesex, and others. Mike is also the designer and engineer of our ISO S3 units.

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