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    Safety is our number one priority in both design and daily operations.

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    Decades of industry experience inside a nimble and fast-growing company, with no end in sight.

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    Above-criteria material is always extracted from clean materials, not averaged to get a higher clean-up efficiency.

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    Our total volume reduction of suspect materials is 93.79%, saving our clients millions in disposal costs.





Our Story

ISO-Pacific is a technology-based remediation firm and a certified, Woman–Owned Small Business. ISO, as we sometimes refer to ourselves, is a company focused on three things: Safety, Performance, and Integrity.

ISO-Pacific was established in 2007 by Lori Dillon and Mike Dillon to address the high costs and inefficiencies of traditional remediation methods. Since then, the company has developed, patented, and deployed innovative remediation technologies for projects worldwide, serving both governmental and commercial clients. ISO’s technologies and exceptional service offer unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability for each project. With thousands of hours of outstanding performance, ISO-Pacific has saved clients millions of dollars and significantly reduced project timelines.


Lori Dillon

President of ISO-Pacific

Lori J. Dillon is one of ISO-Pacific’s original founders. Lori possesses a unique educational background and work history that lends itself to an innovative approach to remediation. With degrees in Psychology and Business Management, and a work history in market analytics and financial advising, she provides the day to day management and steers the growth and vision of the enterprise.

Brian M. Young, Ph.D., CHP

Director of Health Physics and Technology

Dr. Brian M. Young has over 30 years of experience designing, integrating, calibrating, and operating nuclear measurement instruments and nuclear assay systems. Brian is an industry-recognized senior expert in gamma-ray spectroscopy, neutron counting, nuclear waste assay, nuclear threat detection, and nuclear safeguards applications. Brian has designed, calibrated, and operated systems for soil sorting as well as for assay of crated and drummed waste at many sites including Los Alamos National Laboratory, Savannah River Site, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Erwin TN, Paducah KY, West Valley NY, Hunters Point CA, Tokai-mura Japan, Garigliano Italy, and Caorso Italy.

Brian Young, PhD