At Iso-Pacific, service is not just a word. With safety as our number 1 priority, service ranks a very close second. From the service of creating a new platform for a difficult and unique issue, to the high-level customer service of our operators and administrative staff; exceptional service is our constant goal.

Our technologies are built to be flexible for different challenges. Recently, on a job for CNL, our premier sorting unit, the S3, required an adjusted configuration and additional software adjustments. Our engineers were able to provide the multitude of new requirements that brought that job to a successful end, which included sorting of crushed concrete, piping, wood, steel plates and even PPE.

Our Operators and Technical Leads are service-oriented and always happy to help the regulators understand and approve our technical basis. It is not unusual for our Technical Leads and Operators to spend several days with regulators, allowing them to study the equipment and software, to gain approval. In 2015, ISO launched our new MAPR at Portsmouth. Rather than just a write-up, ISO encourages regulators to interact with the equipment and software to gain a full understanding of how we (and our platforms) work. This proved to be just what the regulators needed for full buy-in. And the result? Another successfully completed job by Iso-Pacific.

At Iso-Pacific, service is not just a word. Service is part of who we are.

About Company

Iso-Pacific is a Women-Owned Small Business and a green environmental firm. We focus on unique and technologically advanced platform designs.


Iso-Pacific is commited to developing innovative solutions to the industry's environmental remediation problems. We strive to overcome every obstacle in our path, regardless of the challenge.

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