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Iso-Pacific is a green environmental remediation firm and a certified, Woman–Owned Small Business. ISO, as we sometimes refer to ourselves, is a company focused on three things: Safety, Service, and Integrity. We aim to be THE subcontractor of choice, both for our innovation and for our exceptional service.

We entered this industry with our Soil Sorting System (S3): a revolutionary improvement in the technology used to provide volume reduction. The S3 separates the clean soil fractions from the contaminated based upon radioactive energy emissions from the soil. In practice, soil passes under an array of radiation detectors that are used to determine the radioactivity present. Software algorithms are then used to determine if the soil exceeds defined release criteria, and those portions that exceed the criteria are identified and flagged for mechanical separation from the clean soil.

Decades of lessons learned while in the remediation industry served as the marker for what soil sorting could be, as well as what it should be. Iso-Pacific developed the S3 to meet these new requirements and exceed the current standards of the industry. We offer you the advantage of our unparalleled experience in radioactive soil volume reduction services coupled with this outstanding technology - a powerful combination that will provide major cost relief to you.

Our goal, since our beginning in 2007, was to become the preferred contractor for NDA platforms. In recent years, our vision has expanded from our S3 roots, to developing unique platforms to tackle the most difficult problems that arise in remediation. From mobile mapping units (MAPR) to backpack mounted LIBS units (ISO EA), ISO has grown into a tiny, technologically advanced powerhouse.

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About Company

Iso-Pacific is a Women-Owned Small Business and a green environmental firm. We focus on unique and technologically advanced platform designs.


Iso-Pacific is commited to developing innovative solutions to the industry's environmental remediation problems. We strive to overcome every obstacle in our path, regardless of the challenge.

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